Art Pedagogy


Judy Chicago's unique pedagogical methods were first studied by Dr. Karen Keifer Boyd, an art education professor at Penn Sate, whose art ed program is one of the most respected in the U.S. Keifer Boyd created this insightful CD to bring Chicago's pedagogy to a wider audience because she believed in its transformative potential.

Participatory Art Pedagogy (informed by feminist principles), an analysis of Judy Chicago’s teaching methods by Dr. Karen Keifer-Boyd, art education professor and theorist, Penn State University.


Since Chicago's art education archives have been aquired by Penn State, many students and scholars have begun to study her methodology. And for some years, Chicago has been at work on a book about university studio art education, casting an experience and critical eye at the plethora of Master's programs around the world that offer young artists an unrealistic and overly academic approach to artmaking. Her book will be published in late 2013..

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