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A Birthday Invitation

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A Birthday Invitation
from the Board of Through the Flower

As many of you know, this July 20th marks Judy Chicago's 75th birthday which is being celebrated around the country with numerous exhibitions and public events. We have been struck by how many people came up to Judy to express how deeply they have been affected by her work and say what a great inspiration she has been to them personally.

Many of you have worked on Judy Chicago's projects, seen and been inspired by her art, read her books, attended many free and open to the public exhibitions, lectures and events sponsored by Through the Flower—the non-profit organization that she founded over 38 years ago—and have used Through the Flower’s website as a resource for research. Our organization operates with a small staff, volunteer board and depends upon membership/donations and product sales for our income; we do not receive any public funding.

In honor of Judy’s 75th birthday, we hope you will express your appreciation and take part in Through the Flower’s “$75 for 75” campaign by donating $75 for her 75th birthday.

Your $75 tax-deductible gift will help support our many long term projects including:

  • Sustaining the annual $1,000 Judy Chicago Art Education Award at Penn State.
  • Broadening the use of gifted materials including the Birth Project, the International Honor Quilt, and the Judy Chicago Art Education Archives which include The Dinner Party K-12 Curriculum.
  • Strengthening our institutional relationships
  • Maintaining Through the Flower’s website as a significant resource and research center for students and scholars.

To donate, please go to and click on Membership/Donate, or contact Through the Flower at 505.864.4080

We sincerely appreciate your joining us in celebrating Judy’s accomplishments, and we thank you for your support.

Judy KovlerPatrice Emrie
President Secretary/Treasurer

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