When I first started posting on Instagram, I thought it would be a good way to reach and broaden my audience, especially among young people because I think it is important to have cross-generational conversations. But I wanted my posts to have meaning and substance. However, like too much of the internet (which originally promised to bring greater democracy and education around the world), social media has also brought trolling, online harassment and contributed to hate crimes and violence around the globe. Moreover, outlet by outlet, commerce has come to dominate social media, which is now happening on Instagram. As a result, we will continue to do posts about various happenings but as of today, we are launching the Chicago Gazette, a regular report from me that you can subscribe to for free.

Jul 26, 2022


Judy Chicago in front of Rockingham, 2022. Photo © Donald Woodman/ARS, NY Our short trip to Los Angeles was precipitated by a party commemorating the sale of the house on Rockingham which was owned b...

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Jun 17, 2022


Judy Chicago at the Art Gallery of Ontario display of The Dinner Party Test Plates, 2022.Photo © Donald Woodman/ARS, NY Wow! is all I can say about the last few weeks - which are a BLUR. We flew to T...

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May 17, 2022


WHY IS THE JUDY CHICAGO ART EDUCATION AWARD IMPOARTANT? Judy Chicago and the 2021 Judy Chicago Art Education Award Winner Courtney Uldrich at Establishing Our Own Art History: The Influence of Judy Ch...

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May 02, 2022


Photo by Adria Malcolm for The New York Times Since 2018, Hanya Yanagihara has been the Editor in Chief of "T" magazine, the style magazine of the "New York Times". During her tenure, the magazine has...

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Apr 14, 2022


Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman at the Brooklyn Artists Ball, 2022. On Tuesday, April 12th, I attended the Brooklyn Ball to celebrate Maria Grazia Chiuri, who was honored. It was my great pleasure to ...

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